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2012 – now

Hereworth provides a high level of education and care - they wanted a brand to match.

On the back of the new positioning statement 'Designed for Boys', the school decided to upgrade their identity across all collateral. Band worked closely with the school to ensure we captured the true essence of Hereworth. Our intention was to create all-new imagery showing real boys, being real boys, in the Hereworth context. The graphic style has a hint of traditional with a clean crisp modern feel - this reflects both the highly held school traditions and their sure footing in the contemporary world.

Being a
Hereworth Boy

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Print Material

Create a consistent house style for the school's large range of print collateral.

Band worked with Hereworth to upgrade and provide consistency across all of their printed material. The starting place was to create an entirely new photo library to give us a solid base of good imagery to build from. The majority of the materials were created in template form enabling Hereworth to customise to suit their needs - this allowed for greater flexibility and cost savings for the school.

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