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Working with NZ's health dollar comes with big responsibility and at times can be challenging - getting it right makes a real difference.

Our work with Hawke's Bay District Health Board spans many years. In that time we've developed many health campaigns that have not only improved health services delivery, but more importantly, helped to improve health outcomes for all of us. The DHB is Hawke's Bay's biggest employer so as you can imagine, the nature of the work is wide ranging.

Our Health

Regional Health Brand

We were briefed to create a brand which could unite and engage the health sector in Hawke's Bay - a brand we could all relate to and buy into. 'Our Health' was born.

Love Your Teeth

Alongside the dental health promotional work - we also created the successful Fluoride Referendum campaign, ensuring better oral health for all.

Gastro Outbreak 2016

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Health with Heart

Living and breathing our Vision and Values

A sector-wide consultative process led to 'Health with Heart' - an acronym built from He kauanuanu (respect), Akina (improvement), Raranga te tira (partnership), Tawhiro (care). These words form the heart of the public health sector in Hawke's Bay.

Say Ahh

Making headway with Rheumatic Fever

Leveraging the support the DHB provide to Hawke's Bay's rugby team 'The Magpies' we featured popular players in the campaign. Aimed at encouraging parents to have their children's throats swabbed - 'Say Ahh' is a highly successful campaign which continues to help Hawke's Bay kids avoid Rheumatic Fever.

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